Turkish Love Phrases

Common love phrases in Turkish.If you want to express your feelings to someone Turkish you can use these Common Turkish love phrases. Turkish English aşkım my love canım my life bi tanem my only one hayatım my life sevgilim my darling balım my honey tatlım my sweety (used for girls) güzelim my beautiful (used for girls) çiçeğim my flower (used for girls) gülüm my rose (used for girls) meleğim my…

Common Turkish Phrases

The Turkish alphabet has 8 vowels (A E I Ý O Ö U Ü ) and 21 consonants. The letters Q,W and X do not exist in Turkish. Most letters are pronounced pretty much as you would expect, but some are not. Once the phonetic value of all letters is known, then it is rather easy to pronounce any word one sees or to spell any word one hears.