Orhaniye, natural beauty, and sailors cove.

   Orhaniye is a place that you should definitely visit during your Marmaris trip. It is located in Hisarönü Gulf and one of the most touristic spots in the region. Orhaniye is famous among yacht owners. They spend many days in Orhaniye district. There are various beaches and pine forests around Orhaniye. Therefore, nature is really beautiful in this area. Orhaniye is a place where the combination of blue and…

Hisarönü, a charming place with wonderful nature, magnificent view and crystal clear sea

Hisarönü is located in the southwest of Marmaris city center. It is one of the well known and beautiful touristic places in Marmaris. Hisarönü is actually a gulf and it is a big one. Hisarönü is a charming place because of its wonderful nature, magnificent view and crystal clear sea. Furthermore, the air is so fresh that it is believed the Hisarönü region has a healing effect on heart problems and asthma.

Kusadasi, it literally means the bird island

Kusadasi is conveniently located in the Aegean region in Turkey. In the native language, it literally means the bird island. The site is meticulously beautiful with an array of sandy beaches. Deep turquoise water sits at the gorgeous ocean awaiting tourists. Every attraction has its origin. Kusadasi is not an exception since it has an origin behind it. It is worth mentioning because it has a rich trail of history….

30 Facts that Can Inspire You to Go for Hiking on the Carian Trail

The Carian Trail is named after the Carian civilization. It is an 800 km long trail covering the Southwest part of Turkey including the modern Mugla and Aydin provinces. The region comprises several ancient ruins and historic monuments. Visitors can fulfill travel across the through stone paved roads that connect several small villages from the coast to other mountainous areas in the region. 1 – Mesmerizing Coastal Views2/3rd of the…