Cleopatra Beach

If you want a relaxing day out on a boat and also see a very unique and beach on Cleopatra Island, join this tour. DEPARTURE: Everyday at 9:30 am   RETURN: 18.30 pm Price Includes: Pick up from the hotel and drop-off, boat trip, entrance fees, Lunch, Guide

If you want a relaxing day out on a boat and also see a very unique and beach on Cleopatra Island, join this tour.

The Characteristic of Cleopatra Island is, it is a small island beach made of silky smooth white sand all over. This sand makes this island so special.

It is part of an amazing islands group very close to Marmaris.

Technically, this sandy beach is made up of very tiny sand-like empty seashells and took millions of years to form this beach. So shiny and tiny. The beach is under conservation by the government, because it takes such a long time to reproduce the sand. BEWARE that you can not take any sand with you when you leave the beach. You are also NOT allowed to take towels on to the beach since the sand sticks on to the towel.

There is also a story about this beach based on Queen Cleopatra and her lover Mark Anthony.

The story goes like this: Cleopatra island was the meeting place for Queen Cleopatra and Mark Anthony, her lover. Cleopatra wanted this little secluded island to be her secret paradise. It is believed that Mark Anthony had shiploads of white sand brought from Egypt for their secret island as present and surprise for Cleopatra.

This sand is so amazing that it feels like walking on the cloud. It actually feels like paradise. Walk barefoot on the sand and you will understand the feeling. This sand cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Another belief is that this sand reproduces itself.

The area is covered with pine trees and rocky seashore. once on the island, other things of interest to worth seeing are the Amphitheatre and other ruins.

To get to Cleopatra Island from Marmaris, first, we have to drive about 30 minutes (thru countryside) to a bay called “Gelibolu” Bay. From here we will take a boat to start our fun trip.

We will be going on a double-deck, a traditional Turkish wooden boat. These boats are great that you can sunbathe on the second level and there are tables in the shades on the first level.

Before we go to Cleopatra Island directly we will be visiting some gorgeous bays doing island hopping. We will have swimming breaks in turquoise waters. Here you can snorkel too. You will love the scenery.

Before we head to Cleopatra Island, you will be served B-B-Q lunch on the boat. Yummiieee…

After lunch, we will arrive at Cleopatra Island. You will walk to the beach from the boat (about 5 minutes) through olive trees. Here you will have about 3 hours break. Sunbathe, swim relax and have fun. The other attraction that you can visit after a very short walk in the ancient amphitheater, temple, city walls used by Byzantines.

MORE INFO from other sources:

“The Sedir Island is made up three islands; Palace Island (Cleopatra Island) Central Island and small Island. Its ancient name was Kedrai. The bay at Sedre is one of the most extraordinary in the world. They look like just sand. Scientists say that it requires millions of years for this fossils to come into existence. The island is covered by olive grove sand brush. It is widely believed that Cleopatra and Mark Anthony bathed hereafter the Egyptian Queen visited her Roman lover at Tarsus. They are supposed to have sailed here and landed at Cedrae Island. Cleopatra was so admired of the area that Mark Anthony had the sand from North Africa transported here by ship.”