Marmaris Water Sports

Who could imagine a summer holiday without having fun and adrenalin rush on water? Marmaris water sports is really amazing. Marmaris bay is so well suited for having fun on the water. Sea is so calm that most of the time riding a Jet-ski would feel like ice-skating.

Water Activities in Marmaris

Jet-ski, water-ski, wakeboard, Speed boat, parasailing, banana, Ringo, fly-fish, phantom, pedal boat, canoes are just to list a few.

Marmaris Water Sports experts are very well trained and licensed. Safety is the priority when it comes to water-sports and it is very well government regulated. All waters-sport stations have to be licensed and they are controlled regularly.

There are only a few station spots. We as promote the best. They have the most extensive toys for fun and they have been around the longest. You can schedule a pick-up and we will come and pick you up from where you are and take you to the beach, our water-sports activities station in Marmaris. You can do it here at Marmaris water-sports – Prices are also listed at website (Our Sister Company) where you can book many activities.

How Can I Make My Reservation?

You can make reservations for your fun water-sports activities through us HERE. They can come and pick you up from your hotel if you chose so when you make a reservation.  Or you can just walk to the beach to the station. You can change your activity time as you wish before or during your booked time.

If you are a group of people and you are not sure what activities you want to do, YOU CAN REQUEST A PICK_UP FROM YOUR HOTEL. WE WILL COME AND PICK YOU UP.

IF YOU ARE NOT SURE ABOUT A DATE, JUST PICK ONE TO BOOK. YOU CAN CHANGE DATE ANYTIME LATER. Every hour and Everyday. You will be picked up from your Hotel. More Information for and Price for jet Ski Evey hour and Everyday. You will be picked up from your Hotel.

Our 370 hp speed boat for up to 12 people BUT this boat requires a licensed captain on-board by law if you would like to rent one. Every hour and Everyday.

Best Water Sports activities you can do in Marmaris

  1. Jet-ski
  2. Water-ski,
  3. Wakeboard,
  4. Speed boat,
  5. Parasailing,
  6. Banana,
  7. Ringo,
  8. Fly-fish,
  9. Phantom,
  10. Pedal boat,
  11. Rent Canoes
  12. Fly-Board