Marmaris Turkish Night Show

Turkish style entertainment for everyone! Join us for an evening and see the belly dancers all over you, experience Turkish folk dance, mouth-watering Turkish cuisine with mezes and drinks. Experience the Turkish hospitality in the warm, friendly, lively night in a jovial, relaxed and groovy atmosphere.

Are you ready to learn Belly Dancing! Please come on to the stage!!! STARTS: Everyday at 20:30 pm ENDS: 24:00 pm Price Includes: Pick up from the hotel and drop-off, entertainment, dinner, local house wine. Other drinks are extra. More Information and Price

If this is your first time in Turkey and never been to a Turkish Night, we strongly recommend you go to one!  Belly Dancers, Turkish folk dance, Turkish food and wine, a lot of laughs and audience participation. The program usually starts at 20:30 and goes on till midnight. Turks really know how to have fun all together.

We would like to warn you beforehand that if you sit on the outer edge of the tables, you are more likely to be picked on. In one of those audience participation moments will provide the biggest laugh when many guy victims join the belly dancers and have their shirts removed and do their best to copy the movements of the belly dancers. What a laugh!

Marmaris offers a few Turkish Night Show places. We work in conjunction with  ‘Kervansaray’. They are the professionals and the best show groups work with them. A lot of groovy Turkish music, good food and free wine all night long. Enjoy!