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Things To Do in Marmaris

Best Activities in Marmaris

Things To Do in Marmaris

We prepared some amazing things to do in Marmaris in this article for those, who want to go on holiday in Marmaris.

Daily Excursions in Marmaris Buy any 3 tours and get 2 (Dinner Cruise, Turkish Bath) free OR Buy any 5 tours get 3 (Dinner Cruise, Turkish Bath, Jeep safari) for free. 

Whilst on holiday in Marmaris you will be spoilt for choice for things to do. There are a wide range of tours available for both day time and evening.

Examples of day activities include, Jeep Safari, All Inclusive Boat Trip, Dalyan Tour, Waterpark, Ephesus, Pamukkale  and Watersports.

Evening activities in Marmaris such as the famous Talk Of The Town drag show, the traditional Turkish Night, and Moonlight Dinner Cruise are great entertainment. More details of these and many more of our tours on offer can be seen here https://www.marmaris.org/things-to-do/.

If you can’t decide which tours to book you will be pleased to know that we have offers available:

Book any 2 tours, receive Moonlight Dinner Cruise free!

Book any 3 tours, receive Turkish Bath and Moonlight Dinner Cruise free!!

Book any 5 tours, receive Jeep Safari, Turkish Bath, AND Moonlight Dinner Cruise free!!!

Most activities and tours are very family friendly and suitable for all ages, whether you are young or still young at heart there is something for everyone!

To secure your reservation for activities and tours please follow the ‘Make a Reservation’ link on each tour page. By following the link you will also find extra information on prices of the tours, and times and dates available.

If this is your first time in Marmaris, usually you will NOT know where to start. But do not worry, you will find all the guidance here at www.marmaris.org. If you like you can contact us before you come to Marmaris and we will help you plan your stay from start to end so you will get most out of your vacation.

At your first day, after you settle into your room, the first thing most people do is go for a walk on the beach front. This is where most of the action is during the day. This is a looong beach front, from Icmeler to Yacht Marina.

There are tons of cafes, restaurants and bars where you can hang out. All the beach is covered with sunbeds. You want to get comfortable with some spot where you think you will be comfortable with the staff of the bar or restaurant. Because they will be serving you and entertaining you while you come to the beach to sunbathing.

You can chose to go away from hustle and bustle and go to one of the five star hotels on the same beach front. Mares Hotel has really nice Pine forest on the beach where you can relax while enjoying the beach. No one will bug you. Take a nap, read, enjoy delicious food just around the corner.

So it is a good idea to go and walk the Long_beachfront, the Marina area and if possible Icmeler beachfront. Basically and practically you can walk  from Marmaris Marina to all the way to Icmeler.

It is just so beautiful. Most importantly you will get a clear idea of the most active parts of Marmaris. Restaurants, bars, clubs, cafes, beach, majestic yachts, cruise-ships, activities are mostly are along on this beachfront. You can do this during the day on in the evening.

You have to start making plans though according to your lifestyle. Of course you dont want to spend your whole vacation on the beach. You want to take some tours and laugh, enjoy and see more of Marmaris.

The most popular tours are Daily Laz-y-Day Boat Trip, Turkish Bath, Turkish Night and Jeep Safari. These are the most popular tours that you might want to join more than once. So much fun 🙂 . Check out our other Excursions that you might like.  Just pick some more to enjoy based on your lifestyle.

Standard Marmaris Excursions: 





Cleopatra Island,

Quad Safari,

Horse Safari,


Aquadream Waterpark,

Talk of the Town

If you have joined any of these tours, please write reviews about it so that it can help our other visitors. We already appreciate it.

If you like your privacy and want to plan your day privately a private tour can be arranged for you and/or your group. This can be more fun! and give you freedom to where and when you want to go. 

We can arrange it for you. You can do a private yacht tour out of standard for example. We can take you on a Gulet (wooden Yacht) for whole day and go to secluded bays. Your crew will cook for you and go wherever you like whenever you like. You are the boss..

OR we can take you on a little bus to some small fisherman towns which is still not been discovered by tourists. You can enjoy a nice lunch at a typical fishermen’s restaurant and swim on a secluded beach. Only locals like us know about these places. Just ask us.

Please check Our Private tours Page

Marmaris Boat Trip

If you are looking for a way to enjoy some time in the most incredible and beautiful crystal blue waters, then we have just the thing for you … Marmaris!  Now, you can enjoy a day out on the clear blue water, with this wonderful offer which we know you are going to love. Marmaris offers a full day out on a magnificent boat trip, with lunch also included into the deal.  So, if you are in Marmaris and you are looking for something enjoyable, exciting but also relaxing, then there really is nothing better to chose.  Take time to enjoy the local caves and surrounding islands, enjoy a nice swim is the beautiful waters, or just take in the warmth of the sun beaming down on your body.  Included in this wonderful package is, a trip to the incredible Paradise Island, as well as Turunc, Kumlubuk, and much more beyond that.  So what are you waiting for? Get booking today, you do not want to miss out.

Marmaris Turtle Beach Tour

Lake Koycegiz  

It’s one of the biggest coastal lakes found in Turkey. Located in the province of Mugla, Lake Koycegiz is known for its diversity and tranquility alongside great views. This maritime lake which is full of fish is fed by salt water from the nearby sea and freshwater from streams and springs. Taking a bus trip to Kyceiz, we will explore the lake for about 45 minutes by using small boats.     

Dalyan Reeds and King Cemeteries    

  The reeds of Daylan provide visitors with a wholesome experience. The magical environment in addition to the beautiful water color will make your trip to Dalyan reeds worthwhile. In the current modern world, it’s not very easy to find a region that perfectly intertwines historical heritage and nature. However, as you explore the reeds of Dalyan, you will be able to come across ancient tombs that were cut out from mountains. The rock tombs provide unique spectacular views and will definitely feed your eyes.   

Dalyan Mud Bath 

Would you love to look decades younger? If so, you should definitely visit the Dalyan Mud Bath. It’s one of the most renowned mud baths globally that is popular with foreign tourists. During our Dalyan Mud Bath trips, we normally take about an hour or so while we are here. 

Iztuzu Beach (The Turtle Beach) and Caretta Carettas  

Found in Ortica District in the western province of Mugla, Iztuzu Beach is known for exceeding borders. It’s a narrow piece of land which covers an area of 4.5 kilometers. What makes Iztuzu Beach stand out is that it acts as a natural barrier between the Mediterranean Sea and the Dalyan River. Apart from being a stunning beauty, this beach is also home to the endangered Caretta Carettas. These rare turtles spawn this beach and if you are lucky enough, you might come across them during our trip.