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Top 10 Reasons to visit Turkey and Marmaris

Top 10 Reasons to visit Turkey
1. Experience splendid sailing on turquoise waters.
2. Feel the warm hospitality of the Turkish people.
3. Swim in the baths of Cleopatra at Haman Cove.
4. See first hand ancient artifacts from Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Empires.
5. Enjoy culinary delights once offered to Sultans.
6. Walk the marble streets of ancient Ephesus.
7. Bask under the gold Mediterranean sun.
8. Bargain for a colorful Turkish carpet as you sip local apple tea.
9. Snorkel over submerged Byzantine towns.
10. Visit a crusader’s castle.
11. Plan an exotic river trip and see first hand ancient Lycian rock tombs.
12. Shop for bargains in exotic covered bazaars.
13. Listen to a melodic call to prayer from a graceful village mosque.
14. Stop for a lively dinner at a colorful seaside cafe.
15. Savor fresh from the garden produce and fresh baked bread.
16. Explore picturesque ports with winding cobblestone streets.

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