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Turgut -Its Waterfall is a pure natural beauty

 Turgut is a pretty little village which is 30 km’s away from Marmaris city center. It is also very close to Bayir that is one of the popular places in the region. There is only 9 km between Turgut and Bayır. Turgut village also started to be a touristic place nowadays. This is why the village also started to develop. Tourism helps the village to generate an extra income so Turgut has better conditions when we compare with the previous years.  

Dalaman to Turgut Village

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People who will stay more than e few days in Marmaris should definitely see this lovely village. There are many nice restaurants that you can eat delicious traditional food at really affordable prices. There are also shops that tourist groups are interested in a lot. Especially carpets are famous in this region. You can buy some souvenirs and gifts for your friends and family. 

Things to do in Turgut

   For whom thinking about visiting Marmaris and Turgut Village, here are the activities that you can do and important places to see in the village. All you need to do is just prepare your tour plan and enjoy the journey in Turgut.

1.Bybassos (Turgut Castle)

   Just next to Turgut village, there is an ancient castle. You can go very close to the castle in your car. Then, you have to walk a bit to be able to reach the castle. Walking path is hilly but when you reach the castle you will see the magnificent view of the bays Orhaniye and Hisarönü. You will forget your tiredness immediately when you see nature lying under your feet. 

   The castle belonged to the ancient city of Bybassos. Some parts are collapsed but some parts are still there. When you reach the top, you can capture some nice shots including the castle. Also, it will be nice to take the bird’s eye view pictures of the bays Orhaniye and Hisarönü. 

   So, if you decided to spend some time in Turgut village in Marmaris, then Turgut Caste is an attraction that you should add to your list. 

2.Turgut Waterfall

   Do you like waterfalls? If the answer is yes, you will love Turgut Falls for sure. It is a pure natural beauty that everybody should see. The water is so clean and the waterfall is surrounded by trees. The combination of blue and green in this waterfall is really amazing. The waterfall is located between Bayır and Turgut and just 3-4 km away from Turgut. 

   If you are brave enough, it is also possible to swim in this waterfall. The water is cold but it is really refreshing. The fall is approximately 4 meters high. Especially during hot summer days, it is a great idea to jump in the cool waters of Turgut Falls. When you put your feet into the water, the cold may be a bit discouraging but don’t give up and swim in the waterfall. It will be a nice experience that you will never forget. Also if you get hungry, there are small restaurants around. Eating fish can be a nice option after a swimming session in the waterfall. If you visit the region in Spring you will be amazed by the colorful flowers. Turgut Village is located in a region which has a wonderful nature that you will admire. 

  Tourists interested in trekking also prefers Turgut waterfall and the region around. This place is very suitable for long walks. Since there are trees around, it is a cool place and one of the best options for trekking. 

3.Hygassos Ancient City

   Turgut is located in the region of Hygassos antic city. Therefore, there are many ancient ruins around. It is possible to see the ruins on the shore and also on the walls in different parts of the village. 

   On the road from Turgut village to the waterfall, there is an ancient structure that can not be easily recognised. A short time ago, archaeologists stated that this structure is belongs 3rd or 4th year BC and it is the mausolea of a warrior called Diyagoras.  So when you are going to the waterfall, you can stop at this place and have a look at this ancient ruins. 

4.Turgut Beach

   Turgut village has a beautiful bay. After visiting some historical places and the waterfall it is time for long sun baths and swimming sessions. The turquoise sea is really amazing and the water is crystal clear. Seawater is not so cold or not so hot. It is just perfect! You can swim, lie on the gorgeous beach and repeat this cycle again and again.  

   Turgut Beach is a really nice place just to relax and get rid of your stress. Forget about your daily problems and just enjoy the beautiful nature, sea, sun and the beach. Turgut is so peaceful and quiet. If you would like to have a recharging holiday then Marmaris Turgut Village is the perfect place for you. Take your towel, lie down on the beach and breath. You will be filled with positive energy.  

5.Safari Tours

   Jip safari tours are very popular in Turgut village and around. There are different companies that can help you with your Safari experience. Just search online before going there because especially in summer they are really busy so it can be hard to find an available car. It is better you do your research and reservation before your trip. 

  During safari tours, you will have the chance to take marvellous photographs. If you are interested in photography it will be a great activity for you. Safari itself is really fun but the photography part is the bonus. You will have fun for sure. 

   To sum up, Turgut is a very nice place both for history and nature lovers. Since the village started to gain popularity, it is better to visit this village and the region as soon as possible. Because there will be big tourist crowds very soon. You should definitely spend some time in the peaceful atmosphere of Turgut village and the attractions around. So, have fun in Marmaris Turgut village and don’t forget to capture nice memories. 

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