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Turunc Marmaris

Turunc Bay is located on the west coast of Turkey, just 40 minutes dolmus ride (local public transportation) to the west of Marmaris and it is a quiet village with extreme differences to neighboring resorts of Marmaris and Icmeler… Unspoiled by mass tourism, it is a favored destination for culture addicts seeking peace and relaxation in attractive surroundings as well as the Carian League ancient city of AMOS …
Reached by approximately 1 hour 45min coach transfer from Dalaman Airport, visitors enter the village via winding roads slopping down towards the coastline. The scenic view and a warm welcome from the locals is a fantastic introduction to undisturbed Turunc and Traditional Turkey…

The intense mystery about the history of Turunc results from a lack of facts. Locals can only tell of their experiences, which stretch back 100 years when five families settled in this lovely bay. No roads, no cars, no infrastructure, or power forced the village into isolation from the mainstream population of Turkey. Reaching Bozburun was only possible using boat transportation and locals relied heavily on fishing and diving for sponges for food and daily income…

A transformation started in the 1970s, as independent travelers spread the word about a quaint little village that portrayed a unique insight into rural Turkey. By the 1980s, roads were in place, running water was no longer a luxury, installation of power made life easier, and holiday accommodation enabled visitors to stay overnight and longer. The village did well to update and modernize itself but thankfully, due to its small size, it escaped the trappings of mass tourism that has blighted other destinations across Turkey. Today it maintains a reputation as a quiet and peaceful resort…

Turunc is not a hive of activity; it is about relaxing and soaking up the Aegean vibes. A walk around the village takes less than a morning. A nice and sandy Blue Flag award winning beach leading into calm and cool waters is perfect for snorkeling or swimming. Sunbed hire is available and bars and restaurants on the promenade serve much-needed refreshments on a hot summer day…

The local Fresh Fruits & Vegetables Market on a Monday is an ideal opportunity to pick up bargains and experience Turkish Culture. Unlike other resorts, hassle when shopping is not a problem in Turunc. After the market, complete your introduction into Turkish culture by sampling local cuisine in one of many restaurants. A popular hangout is the Tea Garden (Cay Bahcesi – Chai Bau-che-see), where traditional sweet and savory pancakes known as Gozleme (Ghos-leh-may), prove popularity with locals and holiday makers…

The surrounding hills are flawless examples of rural and green Turkey with copious amounts of flora, fauna, and friendly locals. Trekking in the cooler months of May and October, when mild temperature provide ideal conditions…

It is hidden on a wonderful beach southeastern coast of Marmaris. Holidaymakers find it the best place to be, because of its charming and relaxed atmosphere. It hosts a blue flag beach which is in between the mountains and forested hills. Let us have a look at more in-depth places and activities that Turunc has in store for you as you prepare to visit during your vacation.

How you can travel to Turunc

Turunc is a popular holiday spot here in Marmaris district. If you are looking for a place to have a calm vacation then this is a perfect place for you. It is an old fishing town which is a popular destination for yachts and cruise boats. Turunc has been able to protect its natural beauty despite many restaurants pubs and hotels. Here are the possible ways you can get there.

  • Plane

You can travel to Turunc via a plane and you will need to land to Closest Airport Dalaman Airport which is 110 km away from Turunc. Here You may pick a Havas Bus at certain times or hire a Taxi, Make sure to Negotiate before you start or ask them to turn Meter.

Ans lastly Pick a Private Transfer Company like Uber. This company has set prices and it is fixed. You pay when you meet driver, not during booking. You can also cancel anytime for Free.

We can arrange a little Dolmus Boat for you to get there. You will love the ride. Contact Us!

  • Buses

There are buses that can get yours to Turunc. You might also consider some other public means of transport like the mini -busses.

  • Water taxi

Water taxis, (small boats) leave daily from Turunc Harbor, heading to neighboring resorts of Icmeler and Marmaris and daily boat trips, plot courses to hidden coves and bays. Large groups can hire a private Goulette Yacht (Gulet in Turkish, which are Authentic Turkish hand made wooden Goulette Yachts – Luxurious Motor / Sailing Yachts, mainly built in BODRUM and BOZBURUN – MARMARIS areas) for a day or two, to plan their own cruise of the crystal clear turquoise waters of Turkish Riviera .

  • Car

There are various agencies here in Turunc which offers car hire services. Additionally, bright yellow taxis are common and you can board one at a fee .if you don’t mind you can learn some basic words which help you when giving directions. For instance “sol” is left and “sag” is right.

Lastly you can book an Uber like Taxi for a fixed reasonable Price with English Speaking Driver. You can book online and no Payment needed at booking. Pay only when you meet driver.

Marmaris to Turunc Taxi

We can arrange a little Dolmus Boat for you to get there. You will love the ride. Contact Us!

When is the best time to visit Turunc

If you love clear blue skies and warm weather then Turunc is a perfect place for you to spend your holiday. Turunc is a vibrant town with experiences Mediterranean climate which implies you will expect hot summers and cool winters. Hence, you can visit Turunc is between May and October when the temperature range is about 33’C. When you visit the beach remember to wear sun cream to protect you from the UV rays.

Alternatively, if you love exploration and sightseeing then it is advisable to visit Turunc is during early spring and late autumn when the temperatures are on an average of 19C.

Weather in Turunc

Here are some of the average weather facts in Turunc

• The warmest month is July

• The coolest month is January

• April, May October, and November has good weather with pleasant temperature averages that fall between 68F and 77 F

• The hottest summer is from June to September

• The wettest month is January hence it is not good for a vacation because of too many rains

The things one can do in Turunc

Turunc has a beautiful coastline and rolling countryside with lots of nature to explore. Here is a list of activities that you can do here in Turunc.

  • Watch the Marmaris international race week

When you visit Turunc during October you will be privileged to attend the best sailing events in Marmaris which is an only 30-minute drive. Here you will get to witness the prowess of sailors and it is usually attended by people from all walks of life. Popular DJ are usually invited to make the event bigger and better.

Therefore, if you have a chance you can attend this historic sailing event during your vocation.
Additionally, during May there is Marmaris maritime and spring festival during May and each street has a different activity which will be taking place at that time.

  • Chill out at Meydan bar in Turunc.

Turunc has a popular cocktail bar in Meydan where you can catch up with friendly locals. This is a good place to relax after a busy day. You can experience the other side of life with cool music and it will be even your opportunity to learn some words in the local language.

  • Jeep safari excursion

How about taking a complete jeep safari excursion from the town to the tranquil places in the countryside? Don’t miss to explore bays and the untouched forest in the countryside. Ensure you carry along your swimming costumes because you will have an opportunity to swim in crystal clear waterfalls and quiet bays. Wash off the dust of the road as you explore the mysteries of nature.

  • Scuba diving excursion

Turunc offers ideal scuba diving excursion due to its great underwater visibility and Mediterranean blue waters. Therefore divers of any level can have an opportunity to experience scuba diving. There are dive masters for hire who can introduce you to the underwater world. Therefore, this is a perfect opportunity for you to learn some of the scuba diving skills. If you are not fun of diving you can enjoy boat cruise which is also the best experience.

  • Pamukkale excursion

The Turkish call it “Cotton castle” for being a unique mother nature in the world. Pamukkale is created by warm and calcium-rich spring waters which have accumulated over the years thus creating a spectacular natural site which is located around the ancient city of Hierapolis. This is among the epic places which you might not see anywhere in the world. Therefore ensure you company yourself with a tour guide who will help in to get a clear understanding of historical backgrounds and the significance it has to the local people.

  • Visit Ephesus

Ephesus is among the top preserved ancient sites in the world. Here you will get to see the temple of Artemis, the library of Celsius which is approximately 200 years old and an amphitheater which recently hosted popular stars like Tom Jones. You will get to visit the house of Virgin Mary where it is believed she spent her last years. The mystical sensation you will get from here will make you have a strong belief in religion.

  • Go for a rafting excursion

If you enjoy adventures rafting excursion will be good for you. Join a group and enjoy rafting session in the waters. if you are good in rafting you might be privileged to participate in some rafting competitions which will be an ultimate exciting experience.

  • Explore Turunc coast

Turunc has a beautiful coastline where you can spend the whole day cruising around the bays and sailing across the waves. It is an exciting experience which you should not miss. Ensure you take some colorful shots and keep them in your album. During summer the coastline is usually crowded but you can identify some days which is not crowdy and take a walk.

Restaurants and hotels in Turunc

Turunc has the best restaurants and hotels. They are relatively more expensive during the summer seasons because of an increase in the number of tourists. Therefore the following are the best restaurants and hotels in Turunc

• Antic

• Boncuk

• Mojo restaurant and bar

• Kumblubuku yacht club

• Hollandali Ahmet in yeri

• Gunes restaurant

Popular Beaches in Turunc

I know you probably love spending time on the beach. Turunc has all that you need, their beaches are awesome and you will enjoy sand bathing among other activities on the beach.

The most popular beaches in Turunc include:

• Turunc Sahil

• Icmeler beach

• Amos beach

• Marmaris beach


Turunc is a perfect place for you. If you want to have an exciting experience you need to learn how to interact well with the local people because they are the ones who will be resourceful by taking you around. It is important to know their taboos so that you might not cross their boundaries. Additionally, when you are in public places it is also important to conduct yourself appropriately.

Don’t drink and smoke anywhere because there are designated bars and clubs where you can do so. Additionally, there are also some religious places like the house of Virgin Mary where you might be required to dress as per a specific dress code.

Generally what is important is to learn how you will cope up with different lifestyles of the places that you intend to visit. Ensure you notify relevant legal authorities once you arrive in Turunc so that they can be aware because there are services that are allocated to the visitors so that they can have a nice stay as they explore various places.

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