What brings you back to Marmaris?

Marmaris comes close to being everything for everybody.

We like to spend lazy days by the pool, just mooching around, eating and reading for the most part.

We also do quite a bit of shopping both by day and in the evening, the markets and the bazaar are an endless source of fun bartering with the locals and joking.  Sometimes we even barter for the fun of it, then just pay the original asking price if it’s reasonable.

In the past easy bargains could be had in clothing, silverware, household goods and of course gold and leather. These are not so common any more and often require harder work to get the prices to a level you are willing to pay.

Food is available at prices from dirt cheap to reasonable, quality varies but in general if you pay a bit more then the food is better, but then that’s true everywhere. In some places it’s stunning and literally superb.

This said Turkish people are almost universally excellent. They will usually treat you well and if you are friendly to them they will “see you right”.

In the past My holiday time has been May and in that month it is pleasantly temperate here. I’ve spent many evenings propping up a bar and chatting to the bar staff.  What I did not expect was to be stopped in the street in September (also a good time to go) by one of the ex bar staff at my commonest waterhole and greeted as a long lost friend.  He recognised me from behind, on a crowded street at the wrong time of the year, wearing totally different clothing to my normal “evening” getup.  These guys are amazing!

A massive range of trips are available, check out the local travel agents if you want to go on one. Make sure they have a licence though.

My recommendation?  Visit Turkey soon before it becomes the same as

everywhere else.