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How would you like to be the King and Queen of your own Charter Yacht for a week or two around the Turkish Turquoise Coastline and The Greek Isles? You design the level of energy, relaxation, and itinerary. With the crew always there to attend all your request and wants. All you have to do is Enjoy and seize the moment. Order your favorite cocktails while you sunbathe and relax, Water or Jet ski, scuba dive or explore the historical venues on land. Enjoy international and Turkish cuisine delicacies prepared by your private chef onboard, who shops for freshest ingredients at nearby fishermen villages that you stop on your itinerary. As you Wish Excellence!

If you are looking for an alternative to chain hotels and crowded beaches, or feel restricted by cruise ships with fixed itineraries and organized shore trips, then a yacht charter vacation may be the answer – at a comparable price.

A Yacht Charter vacation gives you the opportunity to explore exotic islands or uncrowded coves and beaches in a way that land-based vacations never can.

One of the most beautiful and attractive sailings and cruising destination is the ‘Turkish Turquoise Coast’ and ‘Greek Isles’. Turkey has held special value and fascination by travelers throughout history for being ‘the Cradle of Civilizations’. Turkish Turquoise Coastline, naturally amazing and beautiful, with a lot of civilizations’ landmark (ancient tombs carved into cliffs, sunken remnants of ancient Greek and Roman Civilizations, deserted coves) on land or underwater, with lovely, quiet bays and inlets unspoiled, is ideal for Sailing Vacations.

Whether you prefer the luxury of a fully crewed yacht or the freedom of a bareboat, chartering offers something for everyone.

Honeymooners love being alone. Parents enjoy the security of a safe area for their children. Young children love the beaches and all the activity. Teenagers enjoy water sports, nightlife and the chance to experience a different world. Couples enjoy all the above, plus the opportunity to sail a larger boat than they would normally own. Everyone loves the freedom to do as they please.

Pick your own route, set your own pace. Wake up each morning in a different harbor, with a new island to explore, exciting sights to see, a new coral reef to snorkel or dive on, or a fresh beach to cultivate that gorgeous tan.

At night, dance on the beach to the wild rhythms of a steel band, dine at one of the fine local restaurants or simply fall asleep to the sounds of the sea in a quiet secluded cove.


  • Esak Swetskey
    Posted April 22, 2015 at 19:32

    My experience with the luxury yacht was unforgettable, as my two British friends and I have thoroughly enjoyed the weeklong joy ride offered of yacht charter sailing.
    One of my friend visited the region long ago and took the ride for full adventure. I have heard a lot of stories about the place before and find it more attractive than whatever I heard. The yacht was amazing and luxurious.
    We had the route map provided by the crewmembers of the yacht and we preferred to take out the cruise in some lonely islands deep in the Mediterranean Sea. Throughout our journey, we traveled to many islands and spent nights there. There were many exiting sites to watch like fresh beaches, new coral reef small floating mountains etc. Thanks to the yacht charter and sailing for taking us to some wonderful locations in the region.

  • Tom Jones
    Posted April 21, 2015 at 17:13

    There is no doubt that Turkish Turquoise Coast and Greek Isles are among the most attractive tourist spots in the world, and millions of people pay their visit in the region every year. I visited the region with my family and really I had no idea about its yacht service that enthralled me several time in our maiden sea ride in Mediterranean water.
    I approached to a local agent who helped to contact yacht charter and sailing. I heard a lot about the service and did not waste my time. I board on with my wife and two kids and the yacht started its journey on the sunny morning.
    The vacation gave my family and me the opportunity to see the unseen and explore many exotic islands in the region through the wonderful service of yacht charter and sailing.

  • Surfer Jon
    Posted April 20, 2015 at 19:26

    You will be wondered to know that, this was the third time I visited the place and enjoyed the yacht ride for the second time. Thanks to the yacht charter and sailing for offering me such wonderful lifetime experience.
    Unlike my previous business tour in this part of the word, I took some extra time for the last visit and thoroughly enjoyed the sea ride. However, the most attractive feature of hiring a private yacht is, you can keep yourself safe from the crowd and can direct the crewmembers to run the yacht as your wish.
    I had a few friends with me; I invited them so that I can multiply my enjoyment. We danced together; we dine together in some unseen beaches and fall asleep with sober voice of sea waves in the night. We will never forget the yacht charter and sailing for their mind pleasing service.

  • Sam Ridyard
    Posted April 19, 2015 at 07:53

    This can be a dream for anyone. I got the opportunity to board on a private yacht on rent while I visited Mamaris for vacation. It was not my maiden visit in this part of the Turkey, but it was the first time rented yacht for my own. I was with my wife on board and got served by its crewmembers very well
    On that tour, I wanted to avoid over crowded beaches or any general public transport and such yacht charter and sailing mesmerized me by some of its incredible features. Along with enjoying the natural beauty of Mediterranean Sea, we enjoyed Turkish and international cuisine for the whole trip.
    The sea ride provided us the opportunity for scuba diving and jet skiing with all required safety measures. We thanked a lot to the service of yacht charter and sailing.

  • Kevin Miller
    Posted April 19, 2015 at 07:52

    I will rate my experience of the yacht ride in Marmaris as one of the greatest of my life. This has happened only for my wife who once visited the place for a business trip and learnt about the private yacht ride on the clear water of the Mediterranean Sea.
    There is no doubt that Turkey has something special for travelers and it always provides something new to explore. We booked private cruise and went for a Yacht charter and sailing adventure for one week.
    The area was excellent to take such joy ride that was filled with green small rocky islands. However, the most important part of that journey was of course the service. We were served the crewmembers and they run the yacht with our consent. We anchored even in many lonely beaches and spent some quality time there. Overall, it was an unforgettable experience offered of yacht charter and sailing.

  • dave
    Posted April 8, 2015 at 09:26

    What are the prices for this.

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