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Marmaris is part of the city of Mugla (pronounced Moola). The climate is very mild in winter, great holiday weather in spring and autumn and very hot in July and August. Temperatures can reach 42 degrees centigrade. Dehydration is a big problem for visitors during these months, so please take adequate precautions.

Between May and October it almost never rains! Marmaris is surrounded by mountains which retain the heat and makes the water temperature very comfortable.

Winter is very mild, Tshirt or light jacket weather most days, however heavy rains and storms can occur but dont last long. The nights can be chilly but there is rarely a frost. Marmaris has a perfect winter climate, you can still swim and get a tan and it is very inexpensive. You can get a hotel room for approx 5 pounds per night. So try Marmaris in winter!

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