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You can never be bored in Marmaris. Actually, two weeks vacation would not be enough to see and do everything Marmaris and its surronding towns and villages has to offer.

If this is your first time in Marmaris, usually you will NOT know where to start. But do not worry, you will find all the guidance here at If you like you can contact us before you come to Marmaris and we will help you plan your stay from start to end so you will get most out of your vacation.

 Aquadream Waterpark - Things to do in Marmaris

At your first day, after you settle into your room, the first thing most people do is go for a walk on the beach front. This is where most of the action is during the day. This is a looong beach front, from Icmeler to Yacht Marina. There are tons of cafes, restaurants and bars where you can hang out. All the beach is covered with sunbeds. You want to get comfortable with some spot where you think you will be comfortable with the staff of the bar or restaurant. Because they will be serving you and entertaining you while you come to the beach to sunbathing.
You can chose to go away from hustle and bustle and go to one of the five star hotels on the same beach front. Mares Hotel has really nice Pine forest on the beach where you can relax while enjoying the beach. No one will bug you. Take a nap, read, enjoy delicious food just around the corner.

So it is a good idea to go and walk the Long_beachfront, the Marina area and if possible Icmeler beachfront. Basically and practically you can walk  from Marmaris Marina to all the way to Icmeler. It is just so beautiful. Most importantly you will get a clear idea of the most active parts of Marmaris. Restaurants, bars, clubs, cafes, beach, majestic yachts, cruise-ships, activities are mostly are along on this beachfront. You can do this during the day on in the evening.


MARMARIS “Long_Beach” – “Uzunyali” Pictures


Marmaris “Marina” – “Old-Town” – “Castle area” Pictures

Watch the SLIDESHOW: Marmaris Beachfront_Marina_Icmeler Walk Gallery

You have to start making plans though according to your lifestyle. Of course you dont want to spend your whole vacation on the beach. You want to take some tours and laugh, enjoy and see more of Marmaris.


The most popular tours are “Daily Laz-y-Day Boat Trip“, “ Turkish Bath“, “Turkish Night” and “Jeep Safari“. These are the most popular tours that you might want to join more than once. So much fun :) . Check out our other Excursions that you might like.  Just pick some more to enjoy based on your lifestyle.

Standard Marmaris Excursions: Dalyan-Caunos, Pamukkale, Diving, Ephesus, Cleopatra Island, Quad Safari, Horse Safari, Rhodes, Aquadream Waterpark, Talk of the Town.

If you have joined any of these tours, please write reviews about it so that it can help our other visitors. We already appreciate it.



If you like your privacy and want to plan your day privately a private tour can be arranged for you and/or your group. This can be more fun! and give you freedom to where and when you want to go. We can arrange it for you. You can do a private yacht tour out of standard for example. We can take you on a Gulet (wooden Yacht) for whole day and go to secluded bays. Your crew will cook for you and go whereever you like whenever you like. You are the boss..

OR we can take you on a little bus to some small fisherman towns which is still not been discovered by tourists. You can enjoy a nice lunch at a typical fishermen’s restaurant and swim on a secluded beach. Only locals like us know about these places. Just ask us.

Private Tours: Private Boat Tour (the best), Village Tour (learn more about Turkish Culture), Village Breakfast, Daily Saklikent Tour,

Most hotels have amazing swimming pools and game galores. You will make friends at your hotel and most probably will chose to spend afew days of your vacation by the pool and have fun. Usually there are a lot to do for the kids by the pool and they like playing with other kids. If you like like to be in a hotel with a kid club, thats even better. There are two waterparks in Marmaris that you can go.

The best place to watch the sunset is either by the beach or at the Marina area. Go to one of the bar or restaurants, get a bottle of wine and relax watching the gorgeous sunset. Just WOWWW!.
Or we can arrange a nice boat for you all and take you for a champagne suset cruise for a few hours. How about that!

There are numerous places to dine and wine. Place check our Places to Eat section for detailed information and reccomendations.

After dinner you can spend time visiting nice cafes at Netsel Marina overlooking one of the most amazing Marinas in the world. Netsel Marina. Go to long beach and enjoy Music and dance till midnight. Rock and Roll and Swing and Tango. Watch a dragshow.

If you would like to continue partying after midnight, The place to go is the Bar Street or Club Pacha. Barstreet is world class with hundreds of night-clubs next to each other. There is something for everyone. Bar-street closes at 4:00 am.

  • Rebecca Wright

    After reading this, I really want to go to Marmaris. But you have to be careful which hotel you pick, especially after watching “Save My Holiday”! But I still want to go!!

  • Becci_babe13

    Just wondering.. how do you arrange the after- party boat cruise? .. We are going to Marmaris on the 16th June- 28th June :D

    • hayley & charlotte

      we are going to marmaris around the same time as you!!! and have you found out about that boat cruise??

    • Christopherjozwik

      hi, where you from?

    • Christopherjozwik

      hi. i am there from the 11th until 18th drop me an email. i am in marmaris during those dates. chris

  • Abu

    I want info about boat cruise pleae, we are there from 23rd-30th June

  • Cj

    you can organise boats trips with the local tours cost around 40 tl and take place from 8am til 5 or similar. didnt do it personally but they look good. did quad biking in the forest. overall not a bad place. stayed at the ideal prime beach. say hi to the russkies.

  • Carole Collins41

    Am going to Mamaris for the first time this year but have spent 3 great holidays near Altikum. Turkish bath a must(don’t look at the mitt!) and massage if funds stretch,heaven,but don’t do the local cheappies as friends came unstuck with them. Please go see Ephasos,magical.I hope to see Turtle beach and Pakkoria as they sound amazing.People grumble about waiting time,come on guys we’re on HOLIDAY and in a country where time stands still (that’s why we go there)All in all a great place for a break, found lovely people,a bit of harrassing at market,but usually okay with a shake of head and a smile,and a wonderful women in the herb shop who spent 2 hrs talking me through the various items(dried rhubarb??) + great bus service to travel around.A good crack,hope you enjoy!

  • Mark Rank

    you can book a boat trip directly on the ship if you go up to the Marina Last year the cheap trip was a tenner each and included food and drinks!  The more expensive trip is £15 each its the same trip but with proper Coke, and Bottled Efes Beer instead of the cheap stuff!
    It’s a great day out and if you get the good weather Getting a Tan is easier on the boats than sat by a pool!
    We go late in the year as we have no Kids, so it’s a little quieter, and maybe not so hot and we try to go every year Finances permitting.
    While you are up at the Marina stop by at Hemsin’s the Patisserie and coffee shop on the corner, and take a stroll around the Bazaar it really is an Aladdin’s cave.

  • Tipu Uddin

    We are a family from London. We will be traveling on the 24th July for7 nights.

  • Elainet1967

    hi we are going on the first of septmber and we would love to takea boat trip we are staying at the green nature

    • mary

      hiya, we stayed at green nature in may and loved it, we are actually booking up again for next may. just down the road is andy, we booked most of our trips off him and is all pretty cheap, they do a lazy day boat trip lunch included, but for a little extra if u book with the rep you do get a much better lunch, quite often its rice and chicken with the guys off the street, it was ok but my daughters and grandaughters are fussy and didnt really eat it so its a long day if ur hungry.
      the jeep safari was brilliant, and at the hotel there is kev who does the scuba diving, that was the hilight of my holiday i have to say, all day on boat, 2 dives and lunch was £20, then they take video and pics at an extra cost but totally worth it,
      food there was good, people say oh its not 5 star, but for turkey it is, loved every minute there and had no complaints at all, i hope u have a great holiday, x

  • Psw64

    Anyone going to Marmaris – from the jetty you can get a “taxi Boat” reality its the local bus but via water to Turunc and Icmeler – once you have got to the destination (turunc) especially you can have a meal walk down the main street then either come back to Marmaris by Dolmus / return by boat – (this is not a trip boat) or go to Turunc by Dolmus – great little journey – and return by boat again from the end of the jetty in Turunc – either way it will be a couple of pounds. Turunc Dolmus get from Bus station – better to get on at the start.Enjoy!

  • jenn


    Me and a friend are going on the 27th to Marmaris and wanted to know what there is to do there, never been Turkey as this is the first time going, any ideas??


  • Angiebowdell

    This will be our  first trip with my son and I to Turkey ever so not sure what to expect. my daughter went to turkey but a very different area. we will there from the 15th of aug-29th aug 2011. so here’s to turkey wooo!!!

  • Zai

    hai am gona com nxt month to Turkey, am gona stay in marmaris and wana spend 3 days with various activities ( can u help wats best to do and hw can i book dat) and den i wana go istanbul for 1 days visit( help me hw u to go thr )

    • Leila

      if u havent gone 2 istanbul frm marmaris already- u can take a domestic flight from dalaman -1.5 hrs by havaş airport coach to dalaman (aprox 20 TL) then 1 hr flight to istanbul frm aprox 100L (40 GBP) oneway (try Turkish airlines or atlasjet online) or you can take a coach from marmaris to istanbul about 10 hours inc stops so u can go overnight aprox 40L (15-20 GBP) u can pop into the coach station there to book a seat. İ went by coach years ago but gonna go by plane this time.  İstanbul is worth a visit.

  • Jackie

    Me and a friend are going on the 20th to Marmaris and wanted to know what there is to do there? We are staying for 3 nights… Thank you… Jackie

  • Steve

    going on the 30th, 5 lads, is it a good place for partying?

  • Carlameadow

    Hi to all who have been, hope you enjoyed it, I am going with my mum and 7 year old daugter, and would love any ideas of what is there for us all to enjoy, we have never been to turkey before, with thanks, carla x

  • Jackie_breen

    Hi, my friend and i are going to mamaris on the 25th August for 2 weeks…any suggestions?
    2 single girls who are in there 30s…thanks

  • Craigcampbell34

    Going to Marmaris again as have been looked after by every person we met even though we go all inclusive, a must is the Apple Bar at the bottom of the hill from the dreaded Halicci village. This will be our 4th time in Marmaris an looking forward to it……you can’t go wrong!!

  • Barthy4

    go june the 8th and il be there :D

    • Siobhan-9

      Me too!!! :)

    • Shauni_taylor_91

      thts quite funny me and my bestfriend av jus booked to go on the same date from east midlands!

  • Nicole Dickson

    is there a booze cruise???

    • Bekkicolins23

      yes there is a booze cruise brill at that been turkey 15 times and going again in 8 week love it

      • Nicoledickson2010

        how do you goo about booking it? we are staying in marmaris, where abouts to you go to find out about the booze cruise?

  • Tazhussain786

    hi,me an few boys going to mamaris on 2nd april,how is the nite life ?  

  • Samiulkhan

    Me and a friend are going on the 20th april.. Wats then night life out there like and wats there to do during the day?

    • Jeff934

      nite life is amazing, specially bar street, a row full of night clubs, all free to get in n most give drink vouchers

  • Q4s1

    Me and mates are going on the 22nd of june how is the nightlife like around that time?

    • Sambatey94

      How many in your party

  • steve

    Hi will be coming on the 6th june with my girlfriend and am staying in club emre beach, is it far away from the centre and also what day is the market and where is it??

  • Jchimmi

    hi going here in august  with my wife, 4 kids and the father in law can anyone suggest a good hotel please

    • moo’smummy

       hi im going next may with the family were staying at the club viva hotel look it up it looks lovely and stuff for kids and adults without being right next to the nightlife but not to far away if u do want to go : )

  • lmfao rofl

    bare awksssss

  • debsky

    i am goin to marmaris 26th oct and now abit hesitate about it wondering about the weather :o ( X

    • tori

      hi i go on the 4 and also worrying about the weather

    • Simon Persey

      I’ve just been asked if I want to go in 26th Oct as well. Do you think it will be hot weather? I actually love the heat and miss it after such a bad summer in the UK.

  • :) :) :)

    6th Julyyy woooop :) we will be all over that shitt!! :)

  • Debradalford

    whats happening with all inclusive boat trips in marmaris

  • Kerri

    Hi, me and my sister are going on the 28th of June, whats the nightlife like for 2 girls in their early 20s and what the averaqge temp?? Thanks

  • Racheybaby90

    Heyyyyy :) me and a few of the girls are comeing to marmaris at the end of september all in our 20′s just wondering is the nightlife still good and lively at this time of year? and is everywhere still open? and also what is this weather like will it still be hot??? :) xxx

  • ahmed shahin

    hi. i have reserved 2 tours on 26 and 27 of june for two. how are you going to contact me when i arrive? and what documents are

  • party girl

    Hi guys me an my partner are goin on the 13th aug was just wondering does anyone know how to go about bookin boat trips or any helpful tips would be really grateful.

    • minxy

      Go to the marina the nyt b4 nd walk acros they wil al be comgeting to sel u a trip find ur best deal and a book. U wil b over charged any other way x

  • Kendall

    Me and a couple of mates are goin on 9th July we are all 21 want to have a laugh and all that. What’s nightlife like? What can you do during the day??

  • lalita baker

    hello guys
    does anyone know if they do horse riding in marmaris tukey , becasue me and mysister who is 17 are professionalhorseriders and we want to take a fe riding things with us thanks xxx

    • bb

      they do a horse safari so you ride round mountains

  • Katie

    Marmaris is great I have been there about 8 times and been other places n turkey but I prefer marmaris. There is so much to do I still haven’t done everything! The trips are amazing especially the boat trips and the people are really friendly sometimes to friendly! The night life is great (bar street) but doesn’t get busy till about 2am and it’s very expensive for a drink so get drunk first. The weather is sometimes too hot but starts cooling down in September but is still boiling. There is loads to do you would never get bored.

  • GordonPitbull Dodd

    Hi , We coming for 8 nights on 23rd october, cant wait, what does a meal cost for 2 with a cpl of drinks?? Horseriding sounds good what will that cost?? Boat trips wel be avin summa that…..wandering what the foods try out!! Come on Marmaris 2012…….be mint !! Gordy n tammy

  • matt

    Me and a friend are going on the 15th October. (Male but not gay lol) before you ask, is the nightlife good , we are in mid 30s . Catch up for a beer .?

  • Chelsea

    Anyone going next year in July? Booked for the 7th for myself and my 5 girls!

    • Ryan

      I’m going the 14th july if your still going to be there!x

    • Matthew Mccarthy

      yeah me and my brother are going 12th July for a week

  • Diana Walker

    i am off to turkey marimus 22oct are all the markets still open xx

  • matthew

    Hi marmaris can u please tell me if u sell bsb rapid socitors kawasaki and red bull f1 clothing

  • TomAndFiona

    hi, me and my partner are going to marmaris in july and would just like to know how muh we would each need for 2 weeks, thanks.

    • ian

      hi, we have been to marmaris for the past 4 years (two weeks at a time ) theres my wife , me and two kids we have always taken £2000 and always came back with about £800 left, and thats with going on boat trips , the kids getting anything they want and days out / eating out every day. hope this helps

      • Joanne Gavin Williams Thorne

        did you go self catering, half board or all inclusive?? thanks

  • Guest

    Hi, Im gonna be in lebanon during may/june and am planning on a little trip away for roughly 5 days and am looking for nice relaxation but more importanly i wanna expirence some good partying so i would like to know what kind of partying marmaris can offer & beach parties, will i be able to get a taste of them ?

  • Moh

    Going at may around the 17 can’t wait

  • Eilish

    Hi all :-) me and my boyfriend are going to marmaris at the start of June this year!! Just wondering what the night life is like? And the boat trips :-) Xx

  • omar

    hi, what is the peak time to go to marmaris im going with my friends in june 4.. is it a good time to go .. its our first tour so plz reply .. thankyou .

  • Nilesh Mathrani

    Hi, has any one been there during Oct? I am planning a trip in during Oct 2013, and would like to know about the weather & also what kind of cuisines are available. As we are 100% veg hope we get to have some of indian or other cuisines.

  • Courtney

    me and my boyfriend are going to Mamaris at the end of June for a week. We are all inclusive and we are wondering about two things? Is it better to take British Sterling or Lira? & How much roughly would we need? We only fancy jeep safari and the water park and going to a bar once or twice?

    • Marmaris Turkey

      Any Currency is Fine, But I would bring British Pound as you can get better rate in Marmaris. As your Hotel all inclusive about 200GBP will be enough.If you want to do Shopping I would consider 400GBP

  • Lori Roe

    can you go topless on the beach

    • Marmaris Turkey

      yes you can, Boat trip, Dalyan Caunos is perfect for this as well as Icmeler and Marmaris Public Beach

  • ron

    im going to marmaris on the 30th of june, just wanted to know how the situation is, there, at the moment. we are 4 guys. text me if you want to meet up +9715070054433

    • Adeek Adu

      if u havee already been to marmaris plz contact me back at 0507438270 thank you

  • Lulu

    Has anyone pre booked activities of easy marmaris? Just want to know if its genuine and they actually get you from your hotel

    • nizar

      yes i want to know too.

    • Denise W

      Yes I booked 5 tours(Boat trip, jeep safari, Dalyan) for my wife and 2 kids, 2 of these 5 tours (Moonlight and Turkish Bath) was free. They Picked us up from Hotel and took back but Moonlight and Boat Trip Hotel pickup was late 30 min and kids bored on Moonlight Cruise. We generally enjoyed all tours and I would do again next year.Boat Trip and Jeeps was Great.

  • Ryan

    I am going in July for 8 nights, self catering, anyone know how much roughly to take?

  • infinity204

    hi ive been to marmaris so many times i love it,im going just with my son who is 6 is there any kids stuff i dont no about please

    • Things to do at marmaris

      Water Parks, Beaches, All hotel pools has fun stuff, Some Hotels has crazy fun activities for kids.

  • Matthew

    are there shuttle buses from marmaris to icmeler or public transport? Heard the icmeler beach is a lot better? Btw going to marmaris with my brother from the 12th July for a week staying at the sun princess hotel. Anyone staying with or close by?

    • Marmaris Turkey

      Yes, Very Affordable Public Shuttle Buses ( DOLMUS) available from main Streets almost every 15 min in Sumner to Icmeler.

    • Michelle

      There is the local bus from Marmaris to Icemeler which costs 2TL each way. We booked through our rep to go to the market in Icemeler which was only £4 return so was worth it.

  • Mel Nicol

    Hi, im coming to icmeler in 2 weeks. Read the reviews for our hotel and a bit worried there may not be much going on. Just wondering if the hotels around marmais let you use there pool, facilities ect as long as your buying fod and drinks?

  • Becs

    Is it possible to wait an book a one-Day trip when we get to marmaris?

    • hazyb

      Yes it’s, you will get it cheaper if you visit “Dave” or “Batman” they are a little bit out of town but offer good prices and not pushed either. Happy holiday :-)

  • Tiny

    Has anyone stayed at the Sisters Apart Hotel? Or near it – can’t find many reviews and am wondering what it’s like? And whether its in a quieter area or not… Apparently it’s a couple of streets behind the McDonalds?! Thanks :)

  • Alaa

    Hello who is going on 28 auguts ?

    • cHRIS


  • fyfer

    going to stay at grand pasa in marmaris is this a good hotel to anyone’s knowledge or experience and suggestions on things to do for my girlfriend and i to do??

    • jj

      Hi, not stayed in this hotel, but stayed in the one opposite, your hotel looked amazing. there was always loads of stuff going on day & night. There is a local craft market which is set up every evening just around the corner which sells some lovely items. there is also a weekly market (not sure which day) which you can get some great bargains. As for the resort of Marmaris there is always loads to do from boat trips, water park, grand bazaar also a lovely castle in the marina area. hope you have a great time.

  • Tom Sanderson

    We’re going to be staying in Halici Sermera Holiday Village. We are very excitied. Does anyone know what it is like at our hotel?

  • Mercedes Louise Barker

    What does everybody recommend.. Book trips via this website before I go or book tours at the marina when I am there? What works out cheaper? Also what else is good? Me and my boyfriend aged 18+ already interested in doing Turtle beach boat trip, all inclusive lazy day boat trip, quad safari, turkish bath, moonlight cruise and water park. (which is the better water park?) Staying at the Aloe Apart Hotel (Marmaris) going on Monday! Thanks, Mercedes x

    • Marmaris Turkey

      If you book 3 Tours online you get Turkish Bath and Moonlight free. Plus free Pickup and Drop Back to Your Hotel. You can also book by paying only 30% deposit and pay balance on that tour day.After booking You will get vouchers and on That voucher you will get cell phone numbers to call direct and update or follow up your bookings.

  • Blade

    i am going to marmaris today Thursday 29 August, and i am very excited.